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The invisible ​bank costs all ​of us 10%

The current banking system forces business to hold ​and manage money as a bank which incurs costs and ​risks that we pay. We can break this model through ​direct payments to all parties as it happens.

Be in ​control of ​your cash ​flow

Let’s switch from dumb money of the plastic card or paper to ​smart money where the payment goes to all parties at once, ​whether 1c or $100 and not into the invisible banking model due ​to the constraints of the current banking process.

We do this through your wallet that allows payments directly to ​the providers where ever they are without the fees and time ​restrictions the current banking system imposes on us.

We can then remove the banks' costs incurred through credit ​card charges (3-6%), slow processing times and minimum fee ​constraints that force a business to become a bank. This adds ​more fees as the business pays to handle those funds ​(bookkeeper, risks, cash flow) and leaves fewer funds to pay out ​to the real people who delivered the service or product.


We have operating businesses ​in the Yoga space and have ​experienced the pain and ​decided to fix it.

Use Cases

"I can now have the student ​pay the teacher as the class ​happens, and my landlord as ​well saving me bank and ​bookkeeper costs, a 7.9% ​saving."

Phil Goodwin - Yoga Studio

"We can now pay our yoga ​teachers anywhere in the ​world as soon as their class is ​watched, so they can now ​get 80% payment instead of ​us giving 9% to the banks an​d paying seven days later.​"​

Peter Tippett - Online Yo​ga www.bodymindlife.onlin​e

"Subscriptions are broken as ​we are seeing students ​attending a class paying ​from $6 to $40 and just not ​able to balance this, it is just ​not right."

Phil Goodwin

This information has come from real data, and we will shortly be activating this in our businesses as we move towards ​full release.


Digital Wallet

Allows access to the smart ​money mode of the Vault3 ​system with full receipts.

API Interface

Allows sites to connect to vault3 ​with SDK's already built for ​MindBody Online a​nd QR codes.

Global Stable coin

A stable coin linked to local ​currency and fully backed to​ remove the volatility of crypto​ coins. ​

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"Small business is the invisible ​bank we deal with daily as ​they take our money and ​hold it before paying their ​suppliers or providers of a ​service they have facilitated."

Invisible Bank Blog

"We are paying more than ​we should as the old school ​banking system is broken and ​to hide this, the subscription ​model was created to spread ​the costs so some of us pay ​for others to benefit."

Subscription Costs Blog

"Our legacy financial ​infrastructure has both ​limited growth opportunities ​and contributed to the ​inequality of opportunities."

Research Paper

National Bureau of Economic ​Research, Cambridge MA ​USA

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About Us

Peter Tippett

Been building technology ​solutions for business for 30+ ​years with multiple awards.


Phil Goodwin

20 years as a Yoga Studio ​teacher and owner, and​ before that a Investment​ trader.​


During covid we built an online Yoga platform to allow teachers to follow their passion and be rewarded. We found that ​to reward them as we wanted, we need to fix a bigger problem, the constraints of the banking system that was placed ​on us. Vault3 was born from this as we joined with Celo who followed our beliefs of a better world.


A community can now be a country and capture the value for ​themselves.

For too long, the communities who inspired us have been used as ​targets for big business, banks, and governments to extract value ​from them. It is time we rewrite this as we now have the ability to ​allow a community to become a country with its own internal ​economy.

Vault3 is bringing the new pay-everyone-at-once payment rail that ​removes all intermediaries and allows direct value transfer and ​connection between each, resetting the worth value and allowing ​value to stay inside the community.

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